Riccardo Grosso & Band (IT) l Date: 26.08.22; Time: 20:00

RICCARDO GROSSO BLUES BAND "This is great" (Charlie Musselwhite)

Harmonica virtuoso and passionate vocalist Riccardo Grosso couldn't play anything else. He didn't choose to play the blues, the blues chose him, a musician under the wing of the devil. To make a long story short, Riccardo started listening to the blues before he could say "mama", thanks to the records that were played in his parents' house. Riccardo worked hard and conquered and showed his talent on stages everywhere from New Orleans (USA), where he played with multiple Blues Award winner Johnny Sansone, John Fhol (Dr. John). During his stay in the USA he had the opportunity to sit in the garden of Charlie Musselwhite and to play and learn harmonica directly from the master himself. With their music, the Riccardo Grosso Band thrilled their live audience and the in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Croatia and Poland. In 2019, he played with the Original Blues Brothers Band as a special guest at the New Year's Eve concert. Grosso left his secure job to follow his dream of being a full-time musician. Riccardo delivers an energetic show with his music rooted in the urban blues tradition and has his own unique style. The band's music features songs with meaning and lyrics that have an impact and a message that you can relate to. He and his band show off their skills when they improvise during their performances, making each performance unique. The Riccardo Grosso band has the ability to to thrill an audience.  Experience their extraordinary talent when you see them live. These musicians love to play Blues and love to put their on spice on it. A natural path for this approach is the original material. Keeping the band personality on the songs while staying in the Blues frame.

Line up:
Riccardo Grosso - vocals and harmonica
Flavio Paludetti - guitar
Luca Tonanni - bass
Marco Carlesso - drums

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Save the Date 3.9.2022

Am 3.9.2022 findet in Thusis das 20-Jahr-Jubiläum der Blues & Rocknight statt.
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Lilly Martin & Band (CH) l Date: 30.09.22 l Time: 20:00

Man glaubt sich in einem Soul-Club in Memphis, in einem Blues-Keller in Chicago: Auf der Bühne eine Band, die groovt, kein Firlefanz, aber grundsolides Handwerk mit starken Akzenten. Und davor die charismatische Sängerin, die mit Leichtigkeit über den ausgelegten Sound-Teppich singt; Lilly Martin besitzt eine der seelenvollsten Bluesstimmen der Schweiz und ist Gewinnerin des Swiss Blues Award 2020. Zur Zeit ist sie mit ihrem 5. Solo-Album «Lookout» unterwegs.

Ihre packende Bühnenpräsenz macht sie zum gern gesehenen Gast an renommierten Blues- und Jazzfestivals. Gleichzeitig ist Lilly Martin auch eine  preisgekrönte Songwriterin, der die Inhalte Ihrer Songs wichtig sind.

Es gibt ein passendes Adjektiv, dass die Auftritte der US-amerikanischen Sängerin mit ihrer Schweizer Band bezeichnet: «smooth». Nicht wie in «glatt» oder «beliebig», aber vielmehr wie «selbstverständlich» oder auch «natürlich». Ist es ja auch, denn die gebürtige New Yorkerin ist mit diesen Sounds aus den Südstaaten aufgewachsen, mit der Soul Music, dem Gospel, dem Blues. Ihre alte Liebe zu diesen Stilen lebt sie mit einer ausgesucht sattelfesten Band aus – im Studio, vor allem aber auch auf der Bühne. Ein Must für Blues-Fans!


You could be in a Memphis soul-club, or a blues basement in Chicago: On stage is a tightly grooving band, no frippery, just steadfast musical competence with first-rate embellishments. And in front of them is a captivating singer, effortlessly unifying this sound tapestry with her vocals.

Lilly Martin possesses one of the most soulful blues voices in Switzerland and is the winner of the Swiss Blues Award 2020. She is currently on the road with her 5th solo album "Lookout".

Her captivating stage presence makes her a welcome guest at renowned blues and jazz festivals. At the same time, Lilly Martin is also an award-winning songwriter who values the content of her songs.

There is a fitting adjective that describes the US singer's performances with her Swiss band: "smooth". Not as in "smooth" or "arbitrary", but rather as in "natural" or even "intrinsic". It is, because the native New Yorker grew up with these sounds from the southern states, with soul music, gospel, blues. She lives out her old love for these styles with a band that is exceptionally solid - in the studio, but above all on stage. A must for blues fans!

Contact: www.lillymartin.com

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Brigthon Blues Cartel, Will Wilde (UK) I 14.10.2022

Brighton is not only a popular seaside resort on the southern English coast, it is also England's unique artists' colony, which has become the preferred place of residence for artists of all branches, and also for well-known English blues musicians, whose art thrives magnificently in this climate. The Brighton Blues Cartel is led by the tornado of blues guitar Danny Giles and his long-time friend and "Hendrix" of the harmonica Will Wilde. The two are joined by the excellent guitarist Steve Brook and a driving rhythm section consisting of bassist Russel Carr and drummer Alan Taylor. These leaders of the Brighton blues community have come together for the unique tour project Brighton Blues Cartel, to bring in the fall of 2022 in Germany and around with their explosive mixture of blues and rock music in the typical BritBlues tradition after the long dormant period the halls and fans to the boil.

Brighton ist nicht nur ein beliebter Badeort an der südenglischen Küste, es ist auch die einzigartige Künstlerkolonie Englands, die zum bevorzugten Wohnort von Kunstschaffenden aller Branchen wurde, und eben auch von bekannten englischen Bluesmusikern, deren Kunst in diesem Klima prächtig gedeiht. Das Brighton Blues Cartel wird angeführt von dem Tornado an der Bluesgitarre Danny Giles und seinem langjährigen Freund und "Hendrix" der Mundharmonika Will Wilde. Den beiden zur Seite stehen der exzellente Gitarrist Steve Brook und eine treibende Rhytmusgruppe bestehend aus dem Bassisten Russel Carr und dem Schlagzeuger Alan Taylor.
Diese Spitzen der Brightoner Bluesgemeinde haben sich für das einmalige Tourprojekt Brighton Blues Cartel zusammnengefunden, um im Herbst 2022 in Deutschland, mit ihrer explosiven Mischung aus Blues und Rockmusik im typischer BritBlues Tradition, nach der langen Ruhezeit die Säle und Fans zum Kochen zu bringen. Das Konzert in Chur ist der einzige Auftritt in der Schweiz!

Danny Giles - Gitarre, Gesang
Will Wilde - Harmonika, Gesang
Steve Brook - Gitarre
Russel Carr - Bass
Alan Taylor - Drums

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Grace Quaranta (IT); 28.10.2022; 20:00

Grace Quaranta is an artist with a powerful and sensual voice, with a strong musical background built with "blood, sweat and tears" during a long "live on stage" apprenticeship around the world. Among her highlights are performances at the "Nice Jazz Festival (in duet with John Ellison), the "Porretta Soul Festival" (two different times), the "Blues in Las Vegas" festival, several Italian blues festivals. A performance that went down in history at the wedding of M° Luciano Pavarotti, where she entertained an extraordinary audience in duet with Bono Vox and "The Edge" from the legendary band U2, among others. The Internet rewarded her with an impressive visibility that led to her videos being appreciated and shared all over the world, recording more than eleven million views. An impressive stage presence, consisting of a sense of humor, sharpness, a moving emotional pathos and, above all, an extraordinary black voice with an incredible extension, make her a singer capable of captivating audiences and drawing them into the legendary imaginary world of blues, soul and rock. Grace Quaranta and her band "40 Shades of Blues" present live on stage a musical explosion that travels and captivates the audience.

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ChilKats (GER) l Date: 18:11.22 l Time: 20:00

Since 2015, the Jump Blues Quartet from the Waterkant has been on the road on stages in Germany and closer abroad, tradition in their luggage, but always with a focus on their own sound. An authentic performance in sound and vision conveys the special feeling of the 50s and 60s and puts a smile on everyone's face. Musically they skillfully process the influences from Chicago, New York and New Orleans and give the right driving rhythm to the titles written by frontman Hendrik Frommhold himself. One has the feeling as if they were created directly in the time of Jump Blues. Hendrik Frommhold's excellent guitar playing bows to the greats of this music. You can hear the driving sound of T-Bone Walker, the electric blues style of BB King or the Chicago rhythm of Buddy Guy. The electrifying sound of the blues harp is perfectly incorporated into the songs and is routinely brought to the stage by blues harp player and singer Jol in an old school harp feel. This brings back memories of musicians like Little Walter, Big Walter Horton and George Harmonica Smith.The whole thing is supported by the fantastic rhythm section Giancarlo Pace on double bass and Boris Borisov on drums, who complete the musical quartet. The music of the ChilKats gets into your legs and is simply fun! The musicians from the Hanseatic city have something to say with their music and everyone who becomes part of a "Chilkat Night Out" experiences that.

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Stefan Grafs Double Vision l Date: 25:11.22 l Time: 20:00

Stephan Graf's Double Vision- Music in the style of Rory Gallagher.

Stephan Graf's Double Vision The german Rock - Trio inspires with unforgettable live performances and meanwhile already seven produced albums in whole Germany and parts of Europe! With their rousing and sweaty show the talented and likeable guys rock every stage. boys rock every stage. The own style of the band, the self-created " Blues'n Roll " is the focus, but also the one, - or other Rory Gallagher song will always be heard live. On the 40th Fehmarn Open Air Festival convinced the trio around singer and guitarist Stephan Graf with an incredible live performance. 2020 Stephan is with Gerry Mc Avoy's Band of Friends on tour throughout Europe, which should be a name to every Rory fan. The fact that he takes over the vocals as well as the guitar with the Band of Friends, reflects recognition by the "highest instance" again The performances of Stephan Graf's Double Vision are a feat of musical talent and have a groove musical talent and have a groove that carries away even the listeners in the back rows. the back rows - sweaty, lots of fun: the term "power trio" hits the mark here!

Hot 'n' Nasty (GER) l Date: 15.03.23 l Time: 20:00

 German Blues Award Gewinner 2020 HOT ‚N‘ NASTY.

Tickets: CHF 40.-  / Students CHF 20.-

Tas Cru (USA) l Date: 14.04.23 l Time: 20:00

Preisträger der Blues Foundation Memphis


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Deb Ryder (USA) l Date: 06.10.23 l Time: 20:00

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